Got a hangover? Head to these cities for a cure

Photo of Scott Nunn

A new study might provide some people with directions for some relief — from a hangover.

Lawn Love released the new study, which evaluated the 200 biggest cities in the country based on five criteria — access to hangover food, hangover drinks, medicinal remedies, the ability to get home and the ability to sleep (in public).

According to the company, it doesn't condone drinking and conducts these studies for entertainment value and information.

If you overindulged and are now seeking relief, based on the study you might be out of luck unless you are in San Francisco, Miami, New York, Boston or Washington D.C.

For Illinois residents, hopefully, you were partaking in the windy city because Chicago narrowly missed the top 5, and had an overall rank of the fourth-best city for hangover food and runner-up for the city with the most public parks. If you picked Chicago for the latter for the ability to sleep in a public park, hopefully it isn't the winter time or you'll need to sweep snow from the bench first.

According to the study, you might not want to get drunk in Mongomery, Alabama or Jackson, Mississippi, which ranked last on the list. Montgomery was penalized on a claim it lacked sufficient hangover food, hangover drinks, and wasn't a great spot to walk or catch a ride. I haven't been drunk in either of those states before, so I can't speak to the accuracy there.

Other highlights from the list:

  • Hialeah and Miami, Florida hold first and second place for the most 24-hour drug stores per square mile.
  • Rochester, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ranked first and second place for the most diners per square mile.
  • If you frequent juice bars, Miami, San Francisco and Honolulu have you covered.

A closer look by state:

According to the study, if you are partying it up in Texas, you might want to be in Austin (24), Houston (25), or Dallas (32). If you're in Plano, Fort Worth, San Antonio, McKinney, McAllen or Frisco, you're still in the top 100 cities, according to the list. However, if you find yourself in Laredo Texas, it ranks the worst for walking or catching a ride. I'd recommend phoning a friend instead.

In Illinois, other than the Windy City, maybe stick with Naperville, but again, getting a ride might be tough. If you hop the river to St. Louis, Missouri the situation might improve. The home of the Gateway Arch fared well on the list, ranking 43rd with high praise for its hangover drink options — coffee, juice, and bars per square mile.

Michiganders don't have many options according to the list, with Grand Rapids (79) and Detroit (82) rating OK, but Warren (178) rating poorly. Some of the penalty comes from the lack options for a ride home, but let's face it, you don't want to be on Michigan roads with a hangover.

Do you agree with the list?