Baldwin Elementary student explore virtual rainforest

BALDWIN. — Baldwin Elementary School students recently explored the lush evergreens and countless species of frogs and other animal life found in the rainforest — all from the comfort of their classroom seats through virtual reality glasses.

The virtual reality tour of the rainforest was the latest Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) hands-on learning opportunity at Baldwin Community Schools. Dustin Webb, a district instructional technology consultant, brought the virtual reality glasses to students in the classrooms of third-grade teachers Theresa Emington and Caroline Raz. 

“This innovative virtual learning lesson allowed our students to get an up-close view of the rainforest and its vegetation, climate, animal life and more,” Emington said. “We loved viewing the translucent glass tree frog and the poison dart frog up close in their natural environments, in particular.” 

The virtual reality program, on Jan. 26, was part of a unit teaching students the various species of frogs in the rainforest. As part of the virtual field trip, students were given a close-up view of the Amazon horned frog, American bullfrog and water holding frog.  

“At Baldwin Elementary, we continuously seek new ways to make STEM learning both engaging and fun, and the virtual reality tour brought what we learn in class to life,” Raz said. “We look forward to additional opportunities to experience different environments and cultures through this amazing instructional technology.” 

“The rainforest virtual reality event is the latest in our continued efforts to bring exciting, hands-on STEM learning activities to our classrooms that help prepare all Baldwin Community Schools students for bright futures,” said David Forrester, the district’s superintendent. “We are very grateful to Mr. Webb for providing our students with a very different view of the world through virtual reality technology.”