Book Buzz for Feb. 16, 2023

Baldwin Community Library

BALDWIN — Stop by the Pathfinder Community Library and check it out!

BOOK OF THE WEEK:  "Last of the Moon Girls" by Barbara Davis (Fiction).  Lizzy Moon never wanted Moon Girl Farm. Eight years ago, she left the land that nine generations of gifted healers had tended, determined to distance herself from the whispers about her family’s strange legacy. But when her beloved grandmother Althea dies, Lizzy must return and face the tragedy still hanging over the farm’s withered lavender fields: the unsolved murders of two young girls, and the cruel accusations that followed Althea to her grave.

NEW MYSTERY:  "Three Can Keep a Secret" by M.E. Hilliard, "The House in the Pines" by Ana Reyes, "Don't Open the Door" by Allison Breannan, "Standing Dead" by Margaret Mizushima, and "The Devil You Know" by P.J. Tracy.

NEW FICTION:  "Locust Lane" by Stephen Amidon, "The Night Travelers" by Armando Lucas Correa, "All the Dangerous Things" by Stacy Willingham, "The House of Wolves" by James Patterson, "The Bandit Queens" by Parini Shroff, "The Bullet Garden" by Stephen Hunter, "Wade in the Water" by Nyani Nkrumah, "Sam" by Allegra Goodman, "Shadow State" by Frank Sennet, "Age of Vice" by Deepti Kapoor, "Last of the Moon Girls" by Barbara Davis, and "Summer of My German Soldier" by Bette Greene.

NEW NON FICTION:  "The January 6 Report" by Ari Melber, "Spare" by Prince Harry, "China 2049" by David Dollar, "Under a Flaming Sky" by Daniel James Brown, "The Wolf and the Raven" by Viola Garfield, "A Personal Account of WWII by Draftee #36887149" by Clarence Blakeslee, and "The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian" by Paul Radin.