West Shore Community College PTK Chapter inductees honored

SCOTTVILLE — The West Shore Community College Alpha Phi Phi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society welcomed new members during its annual induction ceremony, on April 7, in the college’s Administrative & Conference Building.

The inductees were Ashley Allen, Thressa Ambrose, Hanna Ashley, Raymond Bourdage, Jasmin Burgos, Amanda Burns, Amanda Cantu, Annette Chimal, Molly Cohoon, Crystal Davis, Athena Dila, Breanna Domin, Eli Draper, Hope Erlandson, Megan Faber, Jessica Fairbanks, Rachel Faust , Jorge Flore-Gonzalez, Shelby Fraly, Cloe Frederick , Cayden Gray , Dylan Griffing , Taylor Haglund, Joann Hambright, Heather Hanson-Foggo, Mikayla Harrison, Miranda Heyer, Maegan Hrachovina, Alyssa Jackoviak, Faith Jensen, Elayna Johnson, Ethan Johnson, Grant Johnson, Shamita Kates, Lauren Keller, Jessica Kiszelik, Holly Lafleur, Jessica LaPointe, Erin Lewis, Lia Lux, Adrianna Malburg, Kami Malzahn, Kristin McCumber, Maudie McLaughlin, Amber Meister, Emily Miller, Moriah Motyka, Chau Nguyen, Danielle Oleniczak, Ella Olmstead, Brooke Palmer, Kohen Porter, Jody Porter, Andrew Quin, Erin Reilly, Mallorie Ryder, Mackenzie Sarto, Cydney Schmock, Rachel Shoebridge, Eli Shoup, Laura Simon, Kathryn Smith, Kendra Strait, Scott Sturgill, Amy Taylor, Macy Taylor, Aidyn Terry, Heather Trout, Bill Tucker, Leah VandenBerg, Isabella VandenHeuvel, Gina VanderKodde, Thomas Wagner, Kaya Watkins, Zachary Weber, Stephen Weinert, Kendall Williamson, Anna Wojcik, and Jessica Wood.

 Scott Ward, WSCC president and the keynote speaker during the ceremony, noted the college paid for the registration fee to become a member of the honor society this year and last year for two reasons — first, he didn’t want the fee to be a barrier that kept students from joining the organization, and secondly, the more important reason, he said, relates to “the power of meaningful connections.”

“Just being a member of PTK gives you opportunities to engage with others and to participate in activities," Ward said. "I encourage you to take advantage of this PTK community and throughout life, always work to build other meaningful connections.”

PTK recognizes and encourages scholarship among two-year college students and provides an opportunity for the development of leadership and service, an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, fellowship among scholars, and continuing academic excellence.

Members are eligible to receive some of more than $37 million in scholarships provided exclusively for PTK members. In the United States, members are eligible to participate in the All-USA Academic Team program, co-sponsored by USA Today, and by extension their own state-wide academic teams. Members also receive automatic nominations to the National Dean's List and job postings exclusively for Phi Theta Kappans.

More than two million students have been inducted since its founding in 1918, with approximately 100,000 students inducted annually.

WSCC launched a PTK chapter in 1992, and through chapter and individual projects, members continue to serve the college and community. The chapter advisor is Dr. Wendy Gradwohl Wells, talent pipeline coordinator.