Webber Township voters approve fire protection assessment

Webber Township voters approved a special assessment for purchase of a new fire truck.

Webber Township voters approved a special assessment for purchase of a new fire truck.

Courtesy photo/Webber Township

WEBBER TOWNSHIP — Voters in Webber Township approved a special assessment for fire protection during Tuesday’s election, with 267 voting in favor vs. 171 who voted no.

"Our assessment passed, so now we can move forward and have two public hearings to see what kind of equipment our residents would like to have and what cost they will pay,” Webber Township Supervisor Ernie Wogatzke said. “Our township board and fire department are excited to get new fire equipment, especially a new pumper.” 

The township plans to assess up to $25 per parcel, which could go less, Wogatzke said. When they pay off the fire building in a couple years, that money also will go toward equipment, bringing that payment down further. 

“We had a very good turnout with 464 votes cast. I believe absentee ballots helped increase our voter count, which is a positive thing,” Wogatske said. “I want to thank the public for supporting our fire department. This is just the beginning. We now need to hear from you again with two public hearings to see what equipment you want and how much to pay for it.” 

Wogatzke said this is an exciting time for the township, with passing of the assessment, and also with road improvements, such as new asphalt on Springtime from M-37 to Sheridan, with shoulder work next to be completed. 

They also are discussing improvements on Merrillville from 44th to 40th. 

Brushed has been removed at Webber Township Cemetery and new grass seed will be planted. New mapping is being done on the cemetery to make it more legible and easier to find burial sites. 

The township also got a bid from a company to install fiber-optics.