Speed limit increases on section of M-37

LAKE COUNTY — For travelers who take M-37 to visit Lake County or pass through to get to Ludington or northern parts of the state, they will legally be able to drive at a faster speed for a portion of the trip.

The Michigan Department of Transportation recently approved increasing the speed limit on several state highways. On M-37, the speed increases from 55 miles per hour to 65 mph from the junction with U.S. 10 north to Mesick. However, the new limit is only 60 mph through the Wolf Lake commercial and residential area.

Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin said the new speed signs were installed along the highway on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

“We always enforce the law as written, but with the speed limit raised, we may not be as lenient as before to speeding,” he said. “Before the speed change, we would stop people who went 11 to 15 miles over the speed limit, but now, we will stop people going 10 miles over. People generally speed six to nine miles over the speed limit, but with 65 mph being legal now, some will try to get away with driving 75 mph.

“I think the speed should be even lower in commercial and residential area of Wolf Lake, where there are some hotels, a convenience store, vacationers and an off-road-vehicle trail crossing. With the speed increase, the area becomes more unsafe. I suggest people in the Wolf Lake area make sure the highway is clear before crossing to any establishment, hotel or recreation area.”

Martin said the speed change went into effect Aug. 23 when the new speed signs were posted.

“We will be patrolling this stretch of road and will crack down on speeding,” he said.