See the colored leaves in Lake County, Michigan

LAKE COUNTY — From flaming, fiery reds to popping bright golds and yellows, this color season has not disappointed along the roadsides of northern Michigan.

A few folks have even mentioned it has been one of the best seasons they've seen for fall colors in years. 

In Lake County, the bright colors shimmer reflections on the many glassy clear lakes, and orange and yellow tree boughs perfectly frame the swift flowing streams and rivers.

In the Eastern part of the county, such as the Chase, Pinora and Luther areas, the wooded hillsides and picturesque farms showcase the changing trees in all their glory.

The bright golden tamarack and forests of colorful oak grubs liven the scenery of the wetlands and plains of central Lake County.

Whether people are enjoying the local woods for hunting, fishing, color tours or gathering their winter supply of wood, fall 2022 has offered some of the prettiest sights of the year.