Resident questions Webber Township officials

To the editor,

How can a 100% disabled man, suffering from Stage 4 cancer, become homeless? By the Webber Township supervisor “changing his mind” after issuing a building permit.

Our son’s double-wide burned to the ground on Sept. 9, 2021, along with all his worldly possessions. We looked for a replacement with the minimal funds that his insurance covered. We finally found a refurbished single-wide.

Before we purchased it, we went to the township to make sure there would not be any problem. The zoning administrator conferred with the supervisor and we were told, “No problem,” and paid for and were issued a building permit. We were told to tell the Lake County Building Department that all was OK and to show them a copy of the building code, which the supervisor highlighted.

Four weeks later, after purchasing the home, paying for a new electric pole, demolition, appliances and furniture, we got a call that the township supervisor “changed his mind."

We approached the supervisor, who told us he “didn’t understand” that we were replacing a double-wide with a single-wide. However, he told us that we could ask for a zoning variance by paying a fee for a meeting.

When we attended the zoning meeting, we were told that they couldn’t make an exception; further, that because of the age of the single-wide, we couldn’t even bring it into Webber Township.

Secondly, the supervisor also stated that we could “wait until spring” when the township was going to change the ordinances to allow single-wides. The zoning board wasn’t aware of any such plan.

The emotional hardship that this has added to the cancer treatment and homelessness for our son is indescribable. How can Webber Township officials act this irresponsibly?

Rosemary Dionne

Webber Township