WEBBER TWP. -- The Webber Township planning commission will host a public meeting at 6 p.m., Jan. 13, at the Webber Township Hall to get input from residents regarding recreational marijuana sales and distribution.

A guest speaker will be in attendance to answer questions from the public.

Webber Township supervisor Ernie Wogatzke said the rules and regulations that will determine what, where and how recreational marijuana facilities can be established need to be put in place before opting in. It will be up to the planning commission to draft the necessary ordinances determining what types of facilities will be allowed and in what areas, and then the board can decide whether to opt in or not.

"The public hearing is for the citizens to weigh in on what they want or don't want," he said. "Whatever we hear from the public is the direction we will go."

The Webber Township Board of Trustees voted to opt out of sales and distribution of recreational marijuana in October because they did not have the proper ordinances in place to regulate such facilities.

Webber Township attorney, Seth Koches, told the board at the time that they can repeal the opt out ordinance and re-issue an ordinance to opt in once the proper regulations are in place, if that is what they decide to do.

"If we didn't opt-out, we would have automatically been opted in," Wogatzke said. "Without the proper ordinances in place, the state would have said you could put any facility anywhere, and we didn't want that. If the majority of people want to opt in, we will opt in. We were voted in to represent the public."