Michigan lottery warns against prize scams

Photo of Chris Carr
(Courtesy Michigan Lottery)

(Courtesy Michigan Lottery)

To win money from the Michigan Lottery, no fees are required to collect your prize.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Lottery released a statement warning against scammers this holiday season. The organization processes all prize claims for free and a fee is never required to collect a prize.

If you haven’t bought a Lottery ticket or played a Lottery game, you are ineligible to win any prize, according to the Michigan Lottery.

The scam usually involves a person getting a letter, email or phone call stating that they’ve won a prize, but a fee is required before they may collect it. Once the person agrees, the scammer convinces the person to send money in the form of a cashier’s check, electronic funds transfer or cash.

A scammer will continue targeting someone for fees and costs as long as the victim supplies money.

To ensure that a prize or offer is legitimate, contact the Lottery’s Player Relations Division at 844-887-6836, option two, or through email at onlinehelp@michiganlottery.com.