Meet Lake County 4-H's new program coordinator

Aaron O. Myers: 'My guiding star has been making 4-H as accessible and welcoming as possible'

Aaron O. Myers, program coordinator for Lake County 4-H

Aaron O. Myers, program coordinator for Lake County 4-H

Courtesy/Lake County 4-H

LAKE COUNTY — Michigan State University Extension recently announce that Aaron O. Myers has assumed the role of 4-H program coordinator in Lake County, in addition to his role as 4-H program coordinator in Mason County.  

Myers will provide leadership and oversight for growth and management of the Lake County 4-H programs, volunteers and youth participants.

Myers holds a Bachelor of Science degree and teacher certification from Michigan State University.  He is the second generation of his family to work for Michigan State University Extension and has been with Extension in various positions since 2015.  

Myers brings over seven years of experience, first as the Mason County 4-H Tech Wizards Coordinator, a STEM-based youth mentoring program. As the Mason County 4-H coordinator, he has had success in expanding 4-H to include many non-traditional elements, such as STEM and role playing games, as well as reinventing traditional 4-H programs to appeal to new audiences.

Myers offices will be located in Baldwin at the Baldwin Business Center and in Scottville at the WSCC Rec Center. 

“As someone who has grown up around MSU Extension since birth, I’ve seen just how much of an impact the program can have in the community,” Myers said. “In seven years with MSU Extension and 4-H, my guiding star has been making 4-H as accessible and welcoming as possible. Whether your group of friends is dying to learn how to play D&D, you and a grandparent love fixing cars together, or your dream is to open your own restaurant and want to learn how to cook, 4-H has resources that can make that a reality and can use that passion and drive to help the youth of Lake County grow to be more responsible and community involved adults.”

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To learn more about Lake County 4-H or any of the MSU Extension programs, contact Aaron Myers, 4-H program coordinator, at or visit