Lake County Geographic Information System available to the public

Property information accessible online

LAKE COUNTY — Lake County officials announced recently that the public is now able to access its Geographic Information System (GIS) and property data online through its web site. 

GIS is a tool that will allow residents and other members of the public to access property and parcel data from throughout the County. 

The system has numerous mapping layers including parcel data, aerial imagery, school district boundaries, and provides information such as acreage, legal descriptions and SEV and taxable values. 

“Historically, people have been forced to come into the Courthouse to view property and parcel data on County computers. In recent years the Board of Commissioners has prioritized the development of the GIS platform to be available to the public” explained Tobi Lake, County Administrator. “This roll-out will make operations more transparent and make it easier for the public and local units of government to have access to this information.” 

The County plans to provide regular updates to the parcel layers and tax information to reflect property sales and other changes to ensure the most accurate data available to the public. 

Access to GIS is free and available to the public on the County website at