Hollister Senior Center hosts MSU Extension Health Classes

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Hollister Senior Center in Baldwin teams up with MSU Extension to offer free health classes to seniors.

Hollister Senior Center in Baldwin teams up with MSU Extension to offer free health classes to seniors.

Photo courtesy of Hollister Senior Center

BALDWIN — Hollister Senior Center in Baldwin and Michigan State University Extension have teamed up to offer free senior health classes again this year at the center in Baldwin.

As we age, nutrition can be one of the most important factors in our health, from supporting strong bone health to helping manage or even prevent the development of serious illness and disease. In addition, being socially active is an important factor of overall health for seniors, and the Hollister Senior Center provides opportunities for seniors to be socially active by offering a variety of different activities and classes. 

Hollister and MSU Extension partnered this past year to offer free classes on nutrition, cooking, physical activity, and gardening education. The four six-week class offerings included a new program called Planting Seeds for Health over the summer.

Hollister provided materials for a patio garden that participants planted and tended throughout the class. They enjoyed harvesting and eating some of their favorite vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and collard greens. The center plans to expand the garden space and continue to offer garden education in spring.

Another highlight of the year was a Cooking Matters presentation in which fifteen participants learned how to prepare an old-fashioned favorite and got to take home the groceries with the costs sponsored by the Hollister Senior Center. The program was very successful, and the center hopes to offer two more presentations for participants to be able to take groceries home. Cooking Matters is a licensed educational program that covers families, adults, and caregivers, and there is a new six-week program called Cooking Matters for Kids.  

MSU Extension strives to provide resources for the community not only through nutrition and garden education taught by our Lake County Community Nutrition Instructor, but also by connecting local partners with outside resources as needed.

Recently, class participants expressed a strong need for in-person diabetes education that is not readily available in the area and Hollister was able to get connected with the district MSU Extension Diabetes Educator in Mason County, Naomi Hyso to offer on-site classes. There is still time to sign up for the 8-week class with a fee of $20.00 for the workbook.

If interested, please call the senior center at 231-745-6965 to reserve your spot.

A six-week class called Eat Healthy, Be Active will be held at 1 p.m., begining on Jan. 9 at the Hollister Senior Center. Participants will learn how to improve their health through nutrition, exercise, meal planning, budgeting, and shopping tips.

For more information on this class or other nutrition classes, call Rachael Gillespie, Community Nutrition Instructor at 231-745-2732.