Gov. Whitmer makes special visit to Baldwin

Gave recognition to former educator in attendance

BALDWIN — While traveling through the area, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made an appearance in Baldwin on Friday, Jan. 14.

Whitmer's visit was hosted by the Lake County Democrat Party and took place at the Lake County Historical Museum, which she toured before speaking briefly to those gathered to see her.

Among those present was Baldwin area resident Beth Ann Blass-Murphy, who taught Whitmer history in the 11th grade.

"It's a surprise to have her visit here," Blass-Murphy said of Whitmer. "She was one year ahead of my son at Forest Hills Central, where I taught."

Sandi Clarke, of the Lake County Democrat Party who helped arrange the visit, was thrilled.

"We are excited by our visit with our esteemed Gov. Whitmer, and are excited to have her see our community, and our needs for infrastructure, education, housing and healthcare in Lake County," Clarke said.

After the tour of the museum, Whitmer spoke.

"Your museum is phenomenal. It was such a treat to tour it," Whitmer said. "I am so glad to be here with all of you and so grateful you came to see me."

Of the brief topics Whitmer mentioned was thousands of lives saved by taking precautions during COVID, signing the biggest education investment in Michigan history, 260,000 more people now have healthcare, and there are orange barrels all over the state.

"I want to give a special shout out to my former history teacher, Mrs. Blass-Murphy," Whitmer said, recognizing her former teacher in the crowd.

Whitmer also touched on local infrastructure, such as bridges. She said when federal dollars come through, she is hopeful more can be done on the local front. She also addressed the need for a long-term plan for local infrastructure.

"Thank you for your work you're doing in this community," she told members of the Lake County Democrat Party. "We will be stronger on the other side. Tough times don't last, tough people do."

After Whitmer spoke, those present had opportunities to have their picture taken with her.