Florence Motzer

LUTHER — Florence Motzer, 100, passed away in her sleep on the night of Jan. 22, 2017, at her home in Luther.

Currently she is survived by her two sons, Gus and Eugene, who have done their best to ensure the last years of her life were made comfortable. She was lucky to have several loving grandchildren, Lindsay Anderson, Molly Tower, Neil Motzer, Rachel Motzer, Francis Stanush and Ann Stanush; as well as nine great-grandchildren. Her death is preceded by her husband, Eugene, and her daughter, Carolyn.

She was born as Florence Ortwein on Oct. 3, 1916, to Gustav and Louise Ortwein, who moved to Michigan from Germany. She married her husband, a butcher named Eugene Motzer, who also immigrated from Germany, in 1938.

About 1940, Florence and Eugene bought a butcher shop in the east part of Detroit which they ran together for several years. They sold the butcher shop in 1946 and purchased the Pine Gardens bar in Cadillac, along with other family members. In 1960, they sold Pine Gardens and moved to a farm near Luther. It was here she lived out the rest of her long life, gardening, doing farm work, raising three children and helping raise many grandchildren. She remained unbelievably active and able until the near-end of her life.

Florence was the definition of perseverance. Into her late nineties she was constantly on the move around her farmhouse, in the garden, moving firewood, cleaning and cooking. It seemed like she was always doing something. This energy and work ethic was something that she strove to instill into her children and grandchildren. Always kind, caring and wise, she lived a long, fruitful and full life. Her passing will be mourned by her family and those who knew her, but her memory, her passion and what she stood for will live on forever in our hearts.

A public viewing will take place from 10:30 a.m. until noon on Friday, Jan. 27, at New Beginnings Fellowship Church in Reed City. The funeral service and burial will immediately follow.

A hundred years is not so long,

This busy soul remains headstrong,

In hearts of those impacted by

Her drive, her poise, her earnest eye,

A thought, a care, a laugh, a tear,

Reminding us that she was here,

Her memory is in this song,

A hundred years is not so long,

- Neil Motzer, grandchild