Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch to host event at Rose Lake Park in Leroy

Participants will learn to identify invasive species

LEROY — The North Country Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area and the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly will host an event for residents to learn about the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch, a statewide program that teaches volunteers to monitor the quality of their lakes and how to identify and monitor for aquatic invasive plants.

This free event will take place from 10 a.m. to noon, June 3, at Rose Lake Park in Leroy. Refreshments will be served.

The spread of aquatic invasive species is a growing concern in northern Michigan. Aquatic invasive plants can alter water quality, disrupt fish and wildlife habitat, impede aquatic recreation, and even lower the property values of houses surrounding the lake. They can also be very expensive to control.

The best way to protect a lake from aquatic invasive species is to identify them quickly, before they become established in a lake. The EAPW can help people accomplish this.

Erick Elgin from Michigan State University Extension will be speaking, followed by a Q&A session. Those that attend will also get the opportunity to practice identifying invasive plants and watch a demonstration on how to sample for aquatic plants.

 There will be a raffle where ten lucky winners will have the $30 cost of enrollment in the EAPW program paid for by Ice Mountain along with an assortment of door prizes.

Anyone who in interested in learning more about this program and how they can protect their local lakes is welcome to attend.
Drop ins are welcome, but RSVPs are appreciated by contacting Emma Costantino at (313) 570-6853 or email emma.costantino@macd.org.