Donation to Lake County Animal Control helps in more ways than one

BALDWIN — Donations make things a bit easier for people, and in some cases, for animals too. A donation recently given to the Lake County Animal Control will go far in feeding the animals at the animal shelter and also will save the county money.

"An anonymous donor from the Branch area showed up at the Sheriff Department wanting to donate food for the cats and dogs at Lake County Animal Control," said Sheriff Rich Martin. "He received the cat and dog food from a place he gets product from, and he made arrangements with the Animal Control to pick it up."

Three pallets full of food, amounting in 68 bags of dog food and 16 bags of cat food, was received.

Sheriff Martin said the donation will go a long ways.

"This large amount of food for the animals will help out our budget and means in the county," he said. "It will probably last the animals about nine months. We are blessed and fortunate to receive this donation to our county."