Day-by-day approach to Spring Cleaning makes tasks easier

Purge yourself of unwanted items

LAKE COUNTY — Local residential-friendly dumpster company, Bin There Dump That, offers a comprehensive four-week plan for clearing out and cleaning up your home.

This day-by-day spring cleaning schedule offers tips and tricks to help property owners welcome the new season by cleaning up and clearing out every room in their home or business.

A big part of keeping your property clean and tidy, is getting rid of things you don't need, according to Dave Zappa, owner of Bin There Dump That of Muskegon.

"It's easy to stash those broken chairs in the basement or to hang onto odds and ends you haven't used in years, but over time, that kind of 'packrat' behavior can lead to serious clutter," Zappa said. "Our downloadable 'Spring Cleaning Schedule' walks property owners step-by-step through a one-month program of clearing out and cleaning up that will leave your property fresh and free of clutter, inside and out."

Zappa offers the following tips for your spring cleaning:

  • Week one: Focused on eliminating clutter, because it doesn't make sense to spend time deep-cleaning things you don't need any more.
  • Week two: Focus on bedrooms and closets, creating spaces that help you improve the way you sleep, work, and relax.
  • Week three: Focus on kitchen, bath, garage, basement and attic. Get down and dirty on the spaces that have the potential for harboring health-threatening mold, mildew, and just plain gunk.
  • Week four: Focus on maintenance of carpets, countertops, and hardwood floors. Review important safety reminders and outdoor equipment.

After wrapping up your spring cleaning and purging yourself of the things you no longer need, call your local dumpster rental to haul them off.

For more information on Bin There Dump That’s “Spring Cleaning Calendar,” visit or call 616-44-7141.