Court orders clean up of blighted property in Lake County

BALDWIN — Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff's Office found themselves executing a different kind of court order this week.

According to a news release from Sheriff Rich Martin, on Wednesday, Nov. 16, deputies assisted in cleaning up a blighted property in the 200th block of West 68th Street in Baldwin.

The Lake County Trial Court had entered the order Nov. 8 after receiving complaints about the condition of the property.

"For a long period of time, Pleasant Plains Township and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office have received scores of complaints of an extensive amount of junk vehicles, unwholesome substances, junk/trash and other items accumulating at this residence," the release explained. "This has been to the extent of property overflowing into the roadway at times."

According to the release, the subject of has been discussed throughout Lake County and Pleasant Plains Township meetings.

All items were removed from the outside property, according to the court order

In addition to the Lake County Sheriff's Office,  Independent Waste, Schaap Property Management Solutions, AA Collision & Towing and Pleasant Plains Township Zoning Enforcement assisted the township in the executing of the court order.