Building a home

Progress made on veteran's Habitat for Humanity home

WEBBER TOWNSHIP — For local area resident Butch Coffman, a veteran, 2022 brings promise of a new home for him and his wife.

Great progress has been made in the past few weeks on the construction of the Habitat for Humanity home in Webber Township.

"This is coming along just beautiful. I am tickled pink," Coffman said as several people came together to put up siding on the home.

Coffman said how members of Team Rubicon, who are in Kentucky working on storm-damage recover, recently did a lot of work.

"These volunteers came and went to town. Windows, doors, the roof and rafters were put up in five days," he said, adding how now other volunteers, including two local area veterans, are helping with siding.

Coffman, himself, is a disabled veteran, who served in the Marine Corps during VietNam. The new home is in a wooded area, which was once state land.

"I bought this land (three lots) through the Lake County Land Bank," he explained. "It was a good deal and cheap. A friend of mine brought some of the surrounding state land and sold me two more lots."

Joe Kutchinski, project manager for Habitat for Humanity was on site cutting siding.

"We had Team Rubicon come a few weeks ago," Kutchinski said, explaining how the building project began in the spring, but sat for a time. His sister, Sue, works with Habitat for Humanity

He said how the project got going in the spring, but it was a slow start until Habitat for Humanity was able to get Team Rubicon on the project.

"It's been a long time coming for Butch, and I'm glad to see it coming along," Kutchinski said. "We are working to get it done so we can get him here by spring. We will electric and heat going, and start getting insulation and drywall put in. This is going to take a lot of good people to come out and give us a hand. We've had great help so far.

Coffman said while trying to keep costs down, he's tried to make sure contracted work is kept local as much as possible, such as for electrical and plumbing. He said Lowe's also gave them good deals with the siding project.

"This will make a nice place for me and my wife," Coffman said. "I am tickled Habitat is helping us. It's called sweat equity."