Bread of Life Pantry "blessed" with recent donations

Support of those in need greatly appreciated

BALDWIN — Thanksgiving blessing are already happening at Bread of Life Pantry in Baldwin, as several significant donations have been received recently.

“There has been so much going on at Bread of Life Pantry. Our wonderful community continues to bless us with support to help those in need,” said pantry director Lynne Mills.

The Pantry has been receiving fresh produce weekly from Farmer Dan of Wolf Lake, Mills said. “Thank you, Ruth Heim, for delivering the produce,” she said.

In addition, GEO Group has donated three pallets of food items, amounting to 2500 pounds of food, due to their closing.

“Thank you, Brandon Newfer, Mason Bush, Kyle Paddock and Tyler Clugston, for sharing with the pantry,” Mills said.

Houseman’s Foods has partnered with Country Fresh, selling and promoting their Giving Cow Campaign and recently donated two pallets of their 8 oz. shelf stable milk, a total of 6,144 units.

“Thank you, Jon Hammersly from Houseman's, and Molly Pierson, Dale Hermenet and Bill Wernet from Country Fresh, for coordinating this donation,” Mills said.