Book Buzz for Nov. 3, 2022

BALDWIN — Stop by the Pathfinder Community Library and check it out!

BOOK OF THE WEEK:  "The Daughter of Auschwitz: My Story of Resilience, Survival and Hope" by Tova Friedman (non fiction).  Tova Friedman was one of the youngest people to emerge from Auschwitz. After surviving the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Central Poland where she lived as a toddler, Tova was four when she and her parents were sent to a Nazi labour camp, and almost six when she and her mother were forced into a packed cattle truck and sent to Auschwitz II, also known as the Birkenau extermination camp, while her father was transported to Dachau.  In The Daughter of Auschwitz, Tova immortalizes what she saw, to keep the story of the Holocaust alive, at a time when it's in danger of fading from memory. She has used those memories that have shaped her life to honour the victims. Written with award-winning former war reporter Malcolm Brabant, this is an extremely important book. 

NEW FICTION:  "The Paris Secret" by Natasha Lester, "It Starts With Us" by Colleen Hoover, "Phantom Waltz" by Catherine Anderson, "The Nurse's Secret" by Amanda Skenandore, "The Boys From Biloxi" by John Grisham, "Long Shadows" by David Baldacci, "Prisoner B-3087" by Alan Gratz, "Finding Dorothy" by Elizabeth Letts, "The Letter Keeper" by Charles Martin, "Love and Ruin" by Paula McLain, "The Devil and Miss Prym" by Paul Coelho, "The Tinderbox" by Beverly Lewis, "The Venice Sketchbook" by Rhys Bowen, "The Patron Saint of Liars" by Ann Patchett, "Tower Down" by David Hagberg, "My LIfe As A Rat" by Joyce Carol Oates, and "Tower Down" by David Hagberg.

NEW NON FICTION:  "Comfort From a Country Quilt" by Reba McEntire, and "The Daughter of Auschwitz: My Story of Resilience, Survival and Hope" by Tova Friedman.