Book Buzz for May 19, 2022

BALDWIN — Stop by the Pathfinder Community Library and check out these new titles added to our collection this week.

BOOK OF THE WEEK:  "Sandtown Survivor: Growing up Indian in the Twentieth Century" by Clearing Sky Woman (non fiction).  Dreaming of escaping tar paper shacks, outhouses, dirty well water, poverty, racism and hunger, the little Indian girls in this true story listen to their mother's advice and become Sandtown Survivors. Using the lessons learned in growing up to teach others and help them survive the pressures of assimilation while still retaining essential elements of their culture, both sisters have enjoyed rich professional lives and loving children and grandchildren. Readers will cry and laugh along with the author as they experience this story of survival by Clearing Sky Woman.

NEW FICTION:  "The Resting Place" by Camilla Sten, "Shadow Men" by Jonathon King, "Mulberry Hollow" by Denise Hunter, "The Baxters" by Karen Kingsbury, "Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover, "The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer Smith. "Layla" by Colleen Hoover, "Broker" by Chuck Logan, "The Women's March: a novel of the 1913 woman suffrage procession" by Jennifer Chiaverini, and "The Women of Chateau Lafayette" by Stephanie Dray.

NEW NON FICTION:  "Being Mortal: medicine and what matters in the end" by Atul Gawande, "Amazing Motorcycles" by Tori Kosara, "Affordable Eats" by Taste of Home, "The Complete Venison Cookbook" by Harold Webster, Jr., "Fight for the Sea" by John Frayn Turner, "Mother's Best" by Lisa Schroeder, "Hitler's First Hundred Days" by Peter Fritzsche, and "Diary of a Player: how my musical heroes made a guitar man out of me" by Brad Paisley.

NEW MYSTERY:  "Lonely Hearts" by Lisa Gray, "Dark Horse" by Tami Hoag, "Revenge Tour" by Robert B. Parker, "Bear Witness" by Lark O. Jensen, and "The Wrong Victim" by Allison Brennan.

NEW in DVD:  "A Walk Among the Tombstones", "Hypothermia", "The Water Diviner", "Our Brand is Crisis", "Alice", "Highlander End Game", "Deadfall", and "My Soul to Take", "Assassination Games".