Book Buzz for 12/22/22

BALDWIN — A quote by George R.R. Martin:  "I have lived a thousand lives and I have loved a thousand loves.  I've walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time.  Because I read".  

Stop by the Pathfinder Community Library and pick up a great read!   Don't forget, we also have audio books, DVD's, books in large print, books for kids and so much more!  Happy holidays!

BOOK OF THE WEEK:  "The Last Rose of Shanghai" by Weina Dai Randel (fiction).  1940. Aiyi Shao is a young heiress and the owner of a formerly popular and glamorous Shanghai nightclub. Ernest Reismann is a penniless Jewish refugee driven out of Germany, an outsider searching for shelter in a city wary of strangers. He loses nearly all hope until he crosses paths with Aiyi. When she hires Ernest to play piano at her club, her defiance of custom causes a sensation. His instant fame makes Aiyi's club once again the hottest spot in Shanghai. Soon they realize they share more than a passion for jazz—but their differences seem insurmountable, and Aiyi is engaged to another man.

NEW AUDIO BOOKS:  "The Trump Tapes" by Bob Woodward, "The Perfect Assassin" by James Patterson, "Going Rogue" by Janet Evanovich, "A World of Curiosities" by Louise Penny, and "Long Shadows" by David Baldacci.

NEW NON FICTION:  "Incense, Oils, and Brews" by Scott Cunningham, "Butterflies of North America" by Terrell Publishing, "Making Potpourri, Colognes and Soaps" by David A. Webb, "Wild About Michigan Birds" by Adele Porter, and "Unwinding Anxiety: new science shows how to break the cycles of worry and fear to heal your mind" by Judson Brewer.

NEW PAPERBACK:  "The Fifth Doctrine" by Karen Robards, "Into the Fire" by Suzanne Brockmann, "Scent of a Killer" by Christiane Haggan, and "Vineyard Prey" by Phillip R. Craig.