Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with survival training through 4-H

Program available for Lake County youth age 8 to 13

Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse be participating in the upcoming emergency preparedness program through Lake County 4-H.

Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse be participating in the upcoming emergency preparedness program through Lake County 4-H.

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LAKE COUNTY — They arrive in hordes!  They travel in packs!  They’re either slower than molasses in January or they are quicker than a dog towards a bone!  And they feast on Brains!  I am, of course, talking about Zombies.  

For as long as any of us can remember, zombies and the coming zombie apocalypse have been a part of our popular culture with entertainment like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead and video games like Resident Evil and Doom.  But how exactly is it that these people manage to survive this apocalypse?  How long do YOU think you’d be able to survive if you were put in that situation or another natural disaster?

Well, Lake County 4-H would not only like to find out how well Lake County youth would fair but also give them the necessary skills to dramatically increase their chances with the Lake County 4-H Zombie Preppers Squad.  

Now, a lot of you are probably thinking “what in the world does a zombie apocalypse have to do with 4-H and what can the kids learn from it”.  The short and the long answer is quite a bit!  The Lake County 4-H Zombie Preppers Squad is a 6 week program taught by Lake County 4-H that will help Lake County youth build up emergency preparedness skills like…

•    How to shelter in place
•    How to survive without electricity
•    How to assemble an emergency kit
•    Basic First Aid
•    Much more…

All of these are skills necessary to surviving in a wide variety of natural and man-made disasters.  While many of these skills are indeed very important, they may not grab kids’ attention.  That’s where 4-H gets fun.  If you can put a modern twist on something like preparing for an emergency, that’s where it gets fun for youth.  

All of our participants will be learning these skills with the added theme of prepping for the zombie apocalypse.  If the zombies take out the power plant, you’re going to NEED to know how to survive through the night in the dark.  You got bit by a zombie?  Well you’re going to need one heck of a first aid kit to treat that zombie bite.

And what better time to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse than Halloween?  This program will be held at the Lake County MSU Extension office:
Baldwin Business Center. 830 Michigan Ave, #601, Baldwin.

The experienced staff at Red Fox Tactical Training will guide the participants through a combination of classroom discussion and exciting hands on projects. 

The Preppers will meet from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, Oct. 17, and every Monday thru Oct. 31. This program is free and open to all youth ages 8 thru 13. Enrollment in 4-H is not required to sign up. All supplies will be provided for participants attending in person.  Anyone not be able to attend in person will be able to observe the lessons virtually via Zoom.

For more information contact the Lake County MSU Extension office at 231-745-2732 or email the 4-H Coordinator, Aaron Myers, at