Baldwin Community Schools launches multi-tiered supports system

New math and reading intervention programs aimed for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades

BALDWIN — Baldwin Junior-Senior High School is launching new math and reading intervention programs for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The programs, which are being coordinated by Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Bruce Mangum, are designed to help students achieve two years’ worth of academic growth in one school year.

About 40 students are starting the reading program this week. The program takes place during normal school hours. Participation is voluntary and eligibility was based on assessments that students took earlier this year. 

Baldwin hired Laura Mitchell as the new reading interventionist, who will lead students in full group, small group and individual instruction. The school has a dedicated classroom for reading intervention featuring moveable desks and a reading nook with comfortable seating. 

“I’m keeping our students engaged with high-interest reading materials and plan to expand their connection to the reading materials through field trips and experiential learning,” Mitchell said. “Reading is a foundational skill that’s crucial for success in other subjects and in the real world.”

Kayla McCreery is the new math interventionist and will start her program in January. Students will take assessments to identify gaps in knowledge and focus intervention efforts on specific math skills.

“The pandemic was challenging for schools throughout the country, and we are working to regain lost ground,” Superintendent David Forrester said. “While there may be greater need this year, we recognize that there will always be a need for math and reading supports, and it is important to have these resources available to our students.”