'Full circle moment:' Michigan resident Trinity Posey appears in "Book of Mormon"

Trinity Posey, 21, to perform at the Midland Center for the Arts Jan. 24

Photo of Andrew Mullin
Trinity Posey, Sam McLellan, and Sam Nackman in The Book of Mormon North American tour.

Trinity Posey, Sam McLellan, and Sam Nackman in The Book of Mormon North American tour.

Julieta Cervantes/Courtesyf of Midland Center for the Arts

At the Midland Center for the Arts, Michigan native Trinity Posey will make her first national touring performance in her home state from Jan. 24-26.

Posey, 21, who grew up in Kalamazoo, will perform in three Michigan cities this year as Mrs. Brown with the Broadway tour of the "Book of Mormon." 

She first started performing in theater productions at age 10, first nailing a singing role at the Kalamazoo Civic Theater. She attended many shows growing up, with her first Broadway show as a fan was seeing the Book of Mormon in middle school.

After performing theater throughout her public-school life, Posey attended college at New York University for a year in 2019, but to years off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She stayed in New York City auditioning for acting gigs, and saw the casting call for the book of Mormon while doing a show in Connecticut.

After sending in audition tapes, Posey got a chance to audition in person which eventually led to an offer to appear in the play.

“To be in the show and know that I get to do the exact things that I saw done multiple times, that I get to be on the show that was the first tour I ever saw, it is such a full circle moment for me,” Posey said. “To be in this production feels like so many dreams coming true.”

She has been a part of this tour since September, and will be performing in Midland, Kalamazoo and Detroit over the next few months. Posey spoke with the Daily News about her experience touring with Broadway, here thoughts about performing in Michigan and where she hopes here career will take her.

MDN: Are you more of an actor, a singer, or a mix of both?

Posey: I would say my passion lies mainly in acting. I love musicals, so I love to do all three of the disciplines of singing, dancing and acting. But I am really passionate about acting as a craft and wherever that leads me is usually where I am interested in. Whether that is film, television, or theatre. I love to tell stories and share human experiences with people.

What is it like performing on a Broadway stage?

Posey: It really is a magical experience, which sounds cheesy. But when you grow up dreaming about doing this every single day, to then show up to the theater, enter through the stage door and go out there and do the show for new audiences every night. It is unbelievable. Being able to do it for different audiences is a special aspect of a touring show. It is fun seeing how people in California may react differently to people in Pennsylvania.

Can you elaborate on your role in the play?

Posey: I am part of the female ensemble, and I have a feature part where I play a character named Mrs. Brown. (She) is a teacher for some of the Mormons in a bit where they are about to go to Uganda. Mrs. Brown works with the Mormon family to do a "Lion King" send off.

What is it going to be like performing on Broadway in your home state.

Posey: I have been thinking about it ever since I signed the contract. That is my home state and it is so special to me. I grew up seeing shows all around Michigan in Detroit, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. I watched these artists come through our town. Michigan is so rich when it comes to the artistic community, so coming back a part of that and to bring the show that I have been working on to the place that I grew up is really special to me and something I am incredibly excited for.

Where do you hope to see your career go from here after this production finishes?

Posey: I am open to wherever the universe takes me. I would love to be on Broadway in New York and foresee that being a realistic career path. I would also love to do film and television, so I am hoping that this experience can open more doors to possibly doing the Book of Mormon on Broadway, or doing television shows. I am really grateful to be there if it means I get to do what I love.