5 common American dreams

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According to a new study, Americans dream the most about their teeth falling out.

According to a new study, Americans dream the most about their teeth falling out.

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The "American dream" is more than likely in the eye of the beholder. But the dreams of Americans while they're asleep tell a different story.

Researchers at the Mornings Content Team searched the common dreams people are having worldwide and have broken them down by country to determine what the majority of citizens experience as they doze off into slumber. They analyzed Google search data regarding dream symbols and looked at what the most common dreams might mean.

In the U.S., it appears many Americans have a lot on their minds. Here are the top five dreams researchers found.

5. Vacation
It's pretty self-explanatory, but 14,000 monthly searches on Google can't be wrong. A dream about a vacation could very well mean you need one or one is on the way. After more than two years of a pandemic and variants, numbers regarding COVID-19 are heading downward and that's more than likely inspiring a lot of Americans to get away and take a break.

4. Spiders
According to iPublishing, a dream about spiders isn't necessarily a bad thing. A spider dream could mean you've conquered a fear or obstacle, however, they point out many spiders could be reflective of feeling overwhelmed, or anxiety or depression.

3. An Ex
You don't have to admit it, but if an ex comes up in your dreams, researchers suggest you may have encountered a character trait or event in your current relationship that reminds you of a previous partner. But beware, this could also be a sign that behavioral patterns in your current situation could be playing out the same way as it did before.

2. Snakes
A slithering snake may be creepy enough for some dreamers, however, the MCT researchers point out being bitten by a snake, or just seeing a snake, could mean hidden fears or worries. It could also be a sign that something in your life is about to happen or could come to fruition and you just don't know it yet.

1. Teeth falling out
This is what Americans are dreaming of the most, and there's more to its basic meaning. Teeth falling out in a dream could indicate embarassment or a self-confidence issue regarding your weaknesses in life. However, your composure in your dream is your ultimate signal. Researchers say if you're calm in your dream you're doing the best you can with the troublesome or non-ideal situation you may be in.