PEACOCK TWP. — Voters in Peacock Township will be asked to vote on a zoning referendum proposal on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

If approved, the property for a potential medical marijuana grow facility located at 764 and 772 N. M-37 in section 35 would be rezoned from C1/R1 (commercial/residence districts) to an (AG) agriculture district, in Peacock Township Ordinance No. 2017-1.

Currently, the front 250 feet of the five-acre parcel is zoned commercial, and the other portion is residential, limiting the grow facility to the front-end of the property. If approved as an agriculture district, the grow facility would be able to use the whole parcel for the business.

“A recently passed ordinance allows a grow facility already, but not beyond 250 feet where it is commercially zoned,” said Peacock Township Supervisor Mark Venema.”But, if it were agriculturally zoned, the business owner can do what he wants with the back of the parcel to expand the business. They will be able to use the entire parcel of land as they see fit.”

Venema said the grower is waiting to see which direction the vote will go and then work through the application process with the township.