Youth group donates backpacks and supplies

BALDWIN — Amanda Burton, youth minister for St. Ann’s and St Ignatius Catholic Church, donated backpacks and duffle bags filled with supplies to Lake county Department of Health and Human Services for children entering foster care.

The youth group donated money they raised through fundraisers to purchase the backpacks, duffle bags, teddy bears, toys and books. In addition, they received numerous other donations from community members and businesses to include in the back packs.

Afghans also were given to the children.

“When I explained the foster care program to the kids, they said right away this is what they wanted to do,” said Burton.

“It is important for others to know that the glory goes to God. If it wasn’t for God giving them the gift of wisdom and the heart to serve others, this endeavor would not have been possible. We also were blessed with a great community that helps one another,” he concluded.