Yoplait offers help to pantry

REED CITY - General Mills/Yoplait in Reed City has found yet another way to reach out and help others, this time collecting food items and donations for purchasing still more to give area food pantries a boost.

According to Jan Ransom, staff assistant for Yoplait, “It’s our way to give back to the community, and it’s a win-win for everyone. We decided to expand the program a bit, and we’re donating food items this time to the Baldwin, Tustin, and the Reed City food pantries.”

She said the response from employees was “wonderful, and we were able to get additional items to put with what was coming in during the drive. Terry Gerber allowed us to use one of his trailers to pack with food during the actual drive and that was a big help.”

That certainly proved to be true the day the pickups were made in pouring down rain. Ransom and her crew didn’t hesitate to get wet helping tote boxes from the trailer to waiting vehicles. “That’s just all part of it,” she said.

She said the overall response was “amazing,” and noted that it felt good to also reach outside the confines of one community and touch the lives where many employees and their families live as well. She said it is “a giving back” to those communities.

“By doing this, we can show our appreciation for what these employees mean to all of us and this community, and help those in their home areas as well.” Ransom added.