Year-end at Baldwin Elementary

Celebrations mark the passage of time and are the acknowledgement of accomplishment. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and sports wins to name a few. In the world of school, spring marks the season for celebration. We celebrate each step of our students’ journey to adulthood. It is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. It is important to take the opportunity to set aside time for these celebrations for these are the moments that make up our lives.

At Baldwin Elementary, each grade level plans a trip at the end of the year to culminate their studies and enjoy the company of their classmates. For ten months we work together, sweat together, and laugh together, so before parting ways, these trips allow us the opportunity to relax together as friends. We don’t often stop to think that we may never be together as an exclusive group again. With families more mobile than ever, the classmates we have today may not be with us throughout our entire school career. In addition to individual classroom celebrations:

On June 2, the elementary staff will host their annual Academic Honor’s Dinner for students that have been on the Honor Roll all year long. This evening is a chance to acknowledge the accomplishments of our students that work hard throughout the year and to show that hard work and effort pay off and are valued attributes in society.

On June 7, the elementary students will hold their annual Spring Program at 6 p.m. in the elementary gym to perform some of their favorite songs from the past year. Mrs. Sherlock also will introduce our new drumming curriculum with their debut performance!

Our preschoolers will “graduate” into kindergarten with a short program for their parents on June 9. Kindergarteners will perform a medley of songs for their parents and enjoy cookies and punch on June 8. On June 3, our senior class will walk across the stage and accept their diplomas culminating 12 years of study and preparation for the future.

The next few weeks will be busy ones for sure. They will provide the opportunity for all of us to stop and enjoy each other. Our celebrations will allow us to mark the passage of time and provide a chance for all of us to know how important we are to each other. A chance for our teachers to realize they made a difference for their students, a chance for our parents to feel the value of their support and efforts at home, and the chance for our students to be proud of themselves.