LAKE COUNTY — Days of frigid arctic temperatures, coupled with rapid snow accumulations and icy roads, disrupted daily activities and caused many people to stay home last week throughout the state.

Baldwin Community Schools were closed all five days last week.

In Lake County, agencies such as FiveCAP, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, health facilities and many businesses, including Lake-Osceola State Banks also closed early, or all day, during the Jan. 28 snowstorm. There also were many closings on Wednesday, when temperatures plunged below-zero, and again on Thursday.

The Lake County Courthouse closed on early on Monday, and was closed Wednesday and Thursday.

“The administration office closed the courthouse,” said Lake County Clerk Patti Pacola. “I was going to allow employees in the clerk/register of deeds office to leave on Monday, but it would have been on their personal time. I’d rather them be safe than out on the slippery roads. The administration office shut everything down for the day, so they didn’t have to use up personal time.

“I have never seen anything like this. The only other time I have known the courthouse to close was when the tornado went through last summer.”

Even the postal service halted on Wednesday and Thursday.

Some services braved the weather. The Pathfinder Community Library remained open most of last week, with the exception of Monday.

Dangerous conditions continued into this week with a warm up, causing foggy conditions and icy back roads.