White House congratulates Idlewild church

IDLEWILD – The Historic First Baptist Church of Idlewild recently received a letter from President Barack Obama acknowledging the church’s 80th anniversary.

“Throughout our Nation’s history, places of worship have been a cornerstone of our communities,” the letter reads.

“On this occasion, we are reminded of the abiding truth that each of us has the power to create a better world for ourselves and our children when we do God’s work here on earth. As you celebrate this important milestone, I hope you will look back on your achievements and contributions with joy and pride.”

The church held a special celebration in July, looking back on its founding and forward to its future in historic Idlewild.

“Our members are ecstatic that the President of the United States of America took the time to recognize the role our church has played in Lake County for eight decades,” said the Rev. Winston L. Welch, pastor of the church, in a press release.

“Despite the president’s busy and hectic schedule handling our nation’s domestic and international affairs, he made a special effort to let our congregation and Lake County know that the nation shares in our historic milestone.”

The church also was acknowledged by State Representative Jon Bumstead, The Lake County Board of Commissioners, Yates Township Supervisor Ronald Griffin and others.