People of all ages enjoyed family fun at the 2018 West Michigan RC Expo last weekend at the Baldwin Municipal Airport. The annual event was hosted by the Lake County Modelers and Flyers Association.

Experienced pilots from all over the state and Midwest flew their RC aircraft at the main runway, and for those new to the activity, RC flight simulators were on hand.

As one of the highlights of the event, racing RC cars on the race track was a hit for kids and parents alike, said Mac McLellan with the LCMFA.

During the expo each year, turbine jet-powered aircraft and giant scale gas planes, helicopters, drones, war birds and unique nitro- and electric-powered planes are featured.

On the weekend of Aug. 9 through 12, the LCMFA will host the Michigan Jet Pilot’s Boondoggle. This is a jet only event, bringing in pilots from Tenn., Ohio, Ind., Ill., Wis. and all over Michigan.