WEBBER TWP. — Webber Township will be looking at how to proceed with funding fire protection by the Webber Township Fire Department at their meeting on Thursday, Dec. 13.

In years past, fire protection was paid for by a millage, with a portion of the fire funds being captured by the Village of Baldwin Downtown Development Authority.

The fire millage was up for renewal this November, but the Webber Township board didn’t put it on the voters’ ballots because the board is currently in litigation with the DDA, partly in attempts to have fire funds released from the tax capture.

“We will discuss at our next board meeting whether to put in a ballot proposal for a fire millage renewal, or go with a special assessment,” said Webber Township Supervisor Ernie Wogatzke.

Wogatzke said the board also will look at options for recreational marijuana in the township with 310 out of 486 its voters approving recreational marijuana in the Nov. election.

“We have to allow recreational marijuana and look at the possibility of sales, because that is how the people voted,” he said.

The board also will review accomplishments during 2018, and discuss goals for 2019.