WEBBER TOWNSIP -- The Webber Township Board of Trustees will host a joint meeting with the planning commission to discuss proposed changes to the township camper and RV ordinance next week.

The meet is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Webber Township Supervisor Ernie Wogotzke said it was necessary for the two groups to meet to evaluate the public input they received, before proceeding with any changes to the ordinance.

The board and the planning commission will discuss suggestions they received during a public input session in September, where weekend campers expressed frustration with the board over their attitude toward campers, saying that "Campers/tourist vs. residents" creates a divide between the two factions.

Many in attendance said they felt they were being blamed for things that were not their responsibility.

Some of the issues presented at the public session included residential areas getting inundated with campers causing problems for permanent residents and homeowners; multiple camping units crowding residents' homes; excessive noise, shooting and fireworks; high traffic and speeding; and trash being left behind.

Possible solutions being discussed include allowing only one camper unit per a 9,000 square foot parcel; eliminating free weekend camping; setting a time and date for all campers to be removed; and creating a "camping district."

The planning commission has a meeting set 6 p.m., Oct 19, to discuss possible changes to the ordinance.

"We have had lengthy discussions about the RV and camper ordinance," board member and planning commission liaison Dan Cousar said. "We have taken into account the suggestions from the county supervisor and the zoning administrator. We need to address the issues that were brought up at the public meeting."

Cousar added that they have previously been looking at the ordinance with respect to accessory buildings only but have tabled it to see if the board has additional changes they want to make.

"We need suggestions from you," he said. "Now is the time. We don't know if the people of the township want additional changes. Whatever you got from the public session, we need those ideas and suggestions."

Planning commission chairperson Pi Medina said, "We are going to collect our thoughts as a planning commission and present them to you, so I think the board and the planning commission should meet after the Oct. 19 session."

Township treasurer Pat Williams suggested they have another public session to inform the residents about the results of the previous public session and what changes they are considering.

"We need to let the public know what we are thinking and what we are planning," Williams said.

The board approved a motion to set the joint meeting between the board and the planning commission for 6 p.m., Oct. 22 and a public session for 10 a.m., Nov. 7.

For more information on meeting dates and times, visit webbertowship.org or call (231) 745-3471.