WEBBER TWP. — After a few months of reviewing and changing their noise ordinance, Webber Township board members approved the updated ordinance last Thursday during the township board meeting.

“The planning commission has been working on the noise ordinance, ironed out changes and enhanced it by including public comments,” said Webber Township Supervisor Ernie Wogatzke.

The township will get a decibel reader for the zoning administrator, Mike Oisten, to enforce the ordinance. Any noise over 100 decibels will be considered a nuisance. Some of the other regulations include no non-hunting shooting from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., keeping certain animals limited to residential zones No. 1 and 2 and prohibiting jake-breaking so people with big trucks don’t gear down coming into a residential area, Wogatzke added.

“We did well to take the time to review the ordinance and allow public input,” said Dan Cousar, township board liaison to the planning commission. “The ordinance now gives a sense of not being so restrictive, so people can breathe in the township. There will be a review period to see if it is too strident, too loose or if it works at all. The ordinance can always be amended.”

Also during the meeting, Cousar said the public hearing for the camper/trailer ordinance for recreational vehicles was well attended. The planning commission put together a draft for the ordinance and plan to present it to the township board for approval next month.

In other business:

• The board approved paying Totaling Tree $37,100 for cleaning fallen trees in the Webber Township Cemetery. Insurance covered $10,000 of the damage and the township received $300 so far for Hightower Tree Company which is logging some of the trees.

• An update was given on election results. Wogatzke welcomed the new elected officials, Bob Sanders as commissioner and Kathy Young as township clerk. Young will be sworn in on Nov. 20.

“There was over 50-percent voter turnout, which is terrific,” Wogatzke said.

• The board approved funds not to exceed $350 for reflective signs and flashlights for the fire department. They also approved raising the amount of non-approved spending for the fire department from $100 to $500. The board also approved $1,500 for repairs on truck No. 542 and funds not to exceed $1,000 for a Cub Cadet snow blower with a two-year service plan.

• During the zoning administrator report, Oisten said blight properties are getting cleaned up, and there could be a controlled burn in the future.

• The board approved a resolution for assets identified by the board of review in a special meeting for poverty exemption as requested by the state. Guidelines include an asset level test in which liquid assets can’t exceed $2,500 over federal guidelines excluding value of principle residence. The board of review can reject applications based on second homes, excess vacant land, rental property, extra vehicles, recreational vehicles, movable buildings and outdoor equipment.

• The board approved to partner with the Lake County Road Commission for two applications of brine in 2019 at the cost of $14,349.75, the same as last year.

• The board approved a resolution given by the Lake County Road Commission to oppose Senate Bill No. 396, which eases requirements on vehicles hauling logs during the spring thaw.

• The board approved purchasing tax bank properties (with provision the titles are cleared) for three lots in Lakewood Acres for $18.36. The county is giving the township four other lots for a total of seven lots. These lots are located in limited commercial zoning on M-37 across from Cloud 9 Resort. The township wants to accumulate property for businesses to establish.

• The township discussed placing irrigation for the east side of Webber Township Cemetery on the 2019 budget. They received one proposal for $7,100 to implement an irrigation system.