WEBBER TWP. — During the Webber Township meeting last Thursday, board members approved placing a moratorium on RVs to temporarily halt them from coming into the township.

The measure issues a moratorium on recreational vehicle permits and will lift after the township’s planning commission can work on RV regulations in the township’s zoning ordinance.

“There is quite an influx of RVs, and this will stop new campers from coming in so we can get a handle on the section of the ordinance pertaining to RVs,” said Dan Cousar, township board liaison to the planning commission.

The township allows people to set up campers for less than 15 days without a permit, but the moratorium is aimed at people who bring campers in the township to let them sit for long periods of time.

“The intent for RVs in the township is for temporary use,” he added. The moratorium will be in place at a maximum of six months or less.

The board will complete the process of the moratorium by adopting a resolution at next month’s meeting.

In other business:

• The board approved funds not to exceed $200 for new patches for firefighter uniforms. Board members also approved $400 for firefighter foam to replace the foam used during the tanker rollover last month.

• Board members approved a 10-year extension for the Department of Natural Resources grant.

• During the zoning report, Mike Oisten, zoning administrator, said he is working to get people access to dumpsters with money donated to the township for blight cleanup. He also shared a folder with pictures of blight projects from this year.

• During the planning commission report, Cousar said the commission is discussing amending the township ordinance to allow tiny houses.

• Board members approved $49 for an outdoor wash table at Webber Township Park for Get Outdoors Day. Supervisor Ernie Wogatzke was asked at last month’s meeting if there were specific regulations from the health department regarding the wash table. He learned the wash table must be hooked up to either septic, porta-john or have a collection bucket placed beneath it.

• The board approved $84,000 for Lake County Road Commission to surface 32nd Street from Astor Road to M-37, a road which has been a focus for the LCRC for a very long time, according to LCRC manager Steve Leonard.

• In a 3-2 vote, the board approved fencing for the Webber Township Cemetery of about 500 lineal foot for decorative purposes and as part of the capitol improvement plan.

• At last month’s meeting, Wogatzke was asked if posted notices at the township are required to have a signature or a date. He learned there is no law or state statute requiring a signature or date. The clerk can sign a notice as a courtesy, but doesn’t have to.

• Wogatzke reported there was no update regarding negotiations between the Village of Baldwin and Webber Township. Final negotiations will take place in a court hearing scheduled for Jan. 24, 2019, he added.

• A public hearing on the noise ordinance was set for 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30. Copies of the ordinance will be at the township hall, the Pathfinder Community Library and the courthouse for public viewing.

• Board members approved more hours to the township’s maintenance position to make it full-time.

• Board members approved $8,000 for the LCRC to conduct a survey on Whalen Lake Drive. The $8,000 can be recouped through money provided by a grant.