Webber Township opens new fire barn facility

LAKE COUNTY — A new fire barn has gone up on Springtime Street east of M-37 in Webber Township.

The facility is the result of long years of planning and replaces an earlier structure that was much in need of repair.

Township officials plan to celebrate with a festive party, open to the public, scheduled for Saturday, April 21. Visitors will be welcome at the event from noon until the evening.

“This is a wonderful building,” said Cathey Harvey, Webber Township fire marshall. “Our previous fire barn was quite dilapidated and had some serious problems. The ceiling, for instance, was in particularly bad shape. Now, however, we have a lot more space and all the equipment we need.”

The plan to erect a new structure began several years ago when then chief Martin Brown pointed out the less than ideal conditions of the existing fire department headquarters.

“The Webber Township community has always been very supportive of the project,” Harvey said. “We really appreciate all the people who helped out and never lost sight of the goal.”

Volunteers fire-fighters are especially pleased with the location of the new barn as well as its expanded garage area. It also boasts a state of the art haz-mat clean-up and storage unit, a kitchen, a gear room and ample locker space for the 17 volunteers who currently make up the Webber Township team.

Area residents are sure to be impressed by the well-designed, modern building.

All Lake County citizens are invited to take the “grand tour” on April 21. Hamburgers, hot dogs and other treats will be served.