WEBBER TWP. — During the Webber Township board meeting on Thursday, Webber Township Supervisor Ernie Wogatzke gave the public an update on the conflict between the township and the Village of Baldwin and the Village of Baldwin Downtown Development Authority.

Webber Township and the Village of Baldwin have began meeting for negotiations with their legal counsel.

"Last Wednesday, we met with the village for negotiations and we were able to break the ice. We had a conversation and will give an update at a later time. We will have more negotiations this coming week," Wogatzke said.

The fire millage renewal, which is up this November, could be impacted by what is decided in negotiations depending on if the township decides to go with an assessment. Currently, a portion of the township's fire millage is captured by the DDA, one of the issues township officials hope to renegotiate with the village. The millage, which is renewed every 10 years, funds operational and vehicle costs.

Wogatzke said the village planned to have a special meeting on Monday, July 16, to rescind the DDA ordinance extending the DDA to 3038, allowing it to expire in 2024 to start the process all over again to renegotiate terms, such as fire millage money captured in the plan.

Also during the meeting, the board approved up to $6,582.19 for an air conditioner for the main hall, which they hope to install by the Aug. 7 election. The board also approved accepting the bid from Cold River to install the unit.

In other business:

• Grant writer Sandy Clarke announced the township was awared $1,500 for Get Outdoors Day and $5,000 for a thermal imaging camera for the fire department.

• During the fire department report, fire chief Aaron Summers said he is still working out details for the gas-tanker rollover on M-37. He said the fire department wasn't able to get the information needed to recoup costs, and was told he would have to send a Freedom of Information Act form to the Lake County Sheriff's Office to get a police report of the accident.

• The board approved $300 to reimburse three firefighters, at $100 each, for completing training.

• The board disapproved purchasing a land acquisition at Bush Lake for four lots totaling $6,000 for purpose of a picnic area. The picnic area was part of the township's park and recreation plan, but the majority of residents present at the meeting were in favor of abandoning the project.