BALDWIN — Jim Warren has been keeping his eye on wildlife in recent weeks, but the Baldwin area resident is wondering what’s happening to the deer.

“We’ve been checking our trail cams for the deer, but the deer after the storm went through here and tore the trees down, aren’t moving anywhere,” Warren said. “The acorns are everywhere. The roads are full of acorns. I’ve been putting stuff out and checking my trail cam. The deer just aren’t coming around. I have had beautiful bucks on my property. They’re not around anymore.

“I hope they’ll be coming around (by bow season opener, on Oct. 1). Turkeys are around everywhere.”

Small game season started on Sept. 15 and squirrels are available, Warren said.

“I was awfully surprised not to see deer on my trail cam,” Warren said. “But after the storm came out and tore down the trees, you can’t believe the trees that are down. I don’t know if it changed the deer’s patterns. The trail cams are not showing deer.”

It’s bear hunting season and Warren indicated there were plenty of bears available.