Want to visit a beautiful place? Look around you!

LAKE COUNTY - Lake County has a fresh new addition to the countryside, promoting the four-season recreational advantages offered to residents and visitors alike.

New signage placed strategically at ‘entrances’ to the Lake County community highlight some of the recreational fun to be enjoyed throughout the area.

Former Chamber of Commerce president Sandy Crandall was excited to see the new signs finally set in place noting there had been delays.

“If it wasn’t winter temperatures, it was ice or rain,” she said.

“If the rain finally stopped, it was windy conditions that prevented the installation. To that end, the USDA grant project is complete.”

Crandall also noted other advertising efforts promoting Lake County were already well under way.

“Our radio ads, running on B93, which covers about two-thirds of lower Michigan and into northern Indiana, are playing every two weeks and will do so until August 15,” she pointed out.

“Our website optimization continues as we have members and community residents making additional suggestions. The web update process is contracted for another couple of months, insuring its full optimized value as per the grant outline.”

All in all, there’s a lot of good to sing about in Lake County.

Just take a look around you.