BALDWIN — During a special Village of Baldwin council meeting on Monday, council members approved rescinding Village Ordinance 0418, passed on April 9, extending the plan for the Village of Baldwin Downtown Development Authority from 2024 to 2038.

With this action taken, the DDA will expire in 2024 so terms can be reset. The decision to rescind the ordinance extending the DDA to 2038 is a result of negotiations taking place between the Village of Baldwin and Webber Township.

This past spring, Webber Township filed a lawsuit against the Village of Baldwin DDA in hopes of renegotiating terms such as fire millage money being captured by the DDA and having more of a presence and say on the DDA board. Township officials also were opposed to the DDA being extended six years early instead of waiting until the plan expired in 2024.

"This meeting is about the lawsuit Webber filed against the village regarding the DDA," said Village of Baldwin President Jim Truxton. "Our attorney advised us to rescind the ordinance and start over with extending the life of the DDA.

"This does not repeal the plan. It will continue to be in effect until 2024 without being altered. By rescinding the ordinance now, it will eliminate the part of the lawsuit for alleged errors in the process for extending the DDA. No harm, no foul. We might as well act on this quickly to head off that portion of the lawsuit."

All members of the village council voted in favor of rescinding the extension of the DDA to 2038 with exception of Truxton, who voted against the measure.