Upcoming election

Voters to decide local, national candidates and proposals

LAKE COUNTY—Voters in Lake County will head to the polls to chose candidates and proposals for the Tuesday, Nov. 8, general election.

The next U.S. president will be chosen, as well as Congressman for the second district of the U.S. House of Representatives, the next state representative for the 100th district and county and township officials.

For the presidential race, people will have the selection of voting for Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson, U.S. Taxpayer Party candidate Darrell L. Castle, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Natural Law Party candidate Emidio Mimi Soltysik.

Running against incumbent Republican Bill Huizenga for U.S. Representative for the 2nd district are Democrat Dennis B. Murphy, Libertarian Erwin J. Haas, U.S. Taxpayer party candidate Ronald E. Graeser and Green Party candidate Matthew A. Brady.

For the state representative seat in the 100th district, Republican Scott A. VanSingel will face Democrat Sandy Clarke.

An eight-year position for Justice of the Supreme Court and a Justice of the Supreme Court incumbent partial position, ending on Jan. 1, 2019, will be on the ballot, as well as a 4th district Judge of the Court of Appeals incumbent position, which is a six year term.

Incumbent David Viviano will face Doug Dern and Frank Szysmanski for a spot of the Supreme Court. Incumbent Joan Larsen is running for reelection for the partial position of Justice of the Supreme Court against Kerry L. Morgan and Deborah Thomas. Incumbent Michael F. Gadola is running unopposed for 4th district Judge of the Court of Appeals.

Dozens of seats county-wide are contested in the general race.

Treasurer Brenda L. Kutchinski and Surveyor Patrick N. Johnson are running unopposed.

County Commissioners Betty Dermyer and Karl D. Walls, for districts 3 and 7, are also running unopposed.

Incumbent Republican Craig R. Cooper will face Democrat Belinda Barbier for the County Prosecutor race.

Incumbent Sheriff Democrat Dennis Robinson and Republican Richard L. Martin will compete for position of Sheriff on the ballot.

For county clerk, Republican Patti Pacola will face Democrat Lisa Williams on the ballot.

County Commissioner for District 1, incumbent Democrat John Brunn, will face Republican Dan DuBreuil on the ballot. Republican Howard Ludholtz is running against Democrat Lucille M. Chaffer to be commissioner of District 2. Incumbent Democrat Barbara Stenger will face Republican Melissa Cole for position of commissioner for District 4. Commissioner John Fairbanks will face Republican John Runnels and Democrat Don Arquette to be commissioner for District 5. Republican Christine Balulis, Democrat Tim Smith and Heidi Aldrey Gamble, no party affiliation, will be contesting to be county commissioner for District 6.

Chase Township

Candidates in Chase Township are running unopposed on the ballot.

Cherry Valley Township

In Cherry Valley Township, three people are running for two trustee seats. Republican Robert Shepler will face Democrats Connie D. Avery and Barbara D. Barnette on the ballot.

Dover Township

In Dover Township, four candidates are running for two trustee seats. Republicans Amanda Bailor and Marcella Leusby and Democrats William F. Valko II and Evan Vanderhoof will face off on the ballot.

Eden Township

The supervisor position is contested in Eden Township. Republican Al Shaughnessy will face Democrat Gary Oetman on the ballot. Three candidates will compete for two trustee seats. Republican Maggie Shaughnessy, Democrat Nancy Frazee and Andrea Raymond, no party affiliation, will face off on the ballot.

Elk Township

The clerk position is up for grabs in Elk Township. Republican Karen Fickies, and Vicki Gates and Lori Leach, both with no party affiliation, will compete on the ballot. Three candidates will face off for two trustee seats: Democrats Dave Bass and Sharon L. Young and John Fairbanks, no party affiliation.

Ellsworth Township

Candidates in Ellsworth Township are running unopposed.

Lake Township

Three candidates in Lake Township are running for two trustee seats: Republicans John LaPointe and Sheila Myers and Democrat Terry Kowalski.

Newkirk Township

Candidates in Newkirk Township are running unopposed.

Peacock Township

Republican Marsha E. Bouwkamp will face Democrats Ronald DenBraber and W. Dale Hill for two trustee seats in Peacock Township.

Pinora Township

Candidates in Pinora Township are running unopposed.

Pleasant Plains Township

The position of supervisor is contested in Pleasant Plains Township. Democrat Tammy Ghent will face Kevin D. Braddy on the ballot.

Sauble Township

The position of supervisor is up for grabs in Sauble Township. Republican George J. Danek will face off Democrat John Bennett on the ballot.

Sweetwater Township

Candidates in Sweetwater Township are running unopposed.

Webber Township

Candidates in Webber Township are running unopposed.

Yates Township

Candidates are running unopposed in Yates Township.

Village of Baldwin

The position of village president is contested in the Village of Baldwin. Incumbent Leonard Todd will face James Truxton

Village of Luther

The position of treasurer is contested in the Village of Luther. Michelle Goodman will face off Scott Lucas on the ballot.


Baldwin Community Schools has five people running for board member positions: Marion J. Carter Sr., Quran J. Griffin, Mary Ann Martin, David Sanders and Jeff Wroblewski.

Reed City Area Public Schools has seven people running for four board member positions: Kristine M. Fuller, Kimberly Johnson, Jesse Kailing, Mitch Miller, Jason Proefrock, Ed Raby and Jeremiah Thompson.

Pine River Area Schools has three people running for board member positions: Kevin Delancey, Rose Ann Fowler and Jim Peterson.

Cadillac Area Public Schools has two people running for board member positions: Eric Baker and Elizabeth Rzepka-Alto.

Mason County Central Schools has two people running for board member positions: James Schulte and John D. Wagner.

Mason County Eastern Schools has four people running for board member positions: Robert L. Baunoch, Paul Drewry, Mark Michevich and Ed Miller.

Mason County Central and Eastern Schools are asking voters to pass an assumption of bonded indebtedness proposal. The former Free Soil Community School District was annexed to Mason County Eastern District, effective July 1, 2013. This proposal would have the former Free Soil Community School District assume Mason County Eastern District’s outstanding bonded indebtedness and authorize Mason County Eastern District to levy debt millage uniformly over the entire territory of the school district.

Voters can choose two candidates for an eight year appointment to the Michigan State Board and another two positions for the Regent of the University of Michigan, which is an eight year appointment. Three candidates are running for Board of Trustees for West Shore Community College.