Ugly sweater party and cookie exchange returns to Luther

LUTHER — Get baking and dig out those hideous floral patterns, poorly woven family gifts or light-up Christmas cardigans; it's once again time for the North Bar's annual ugly sweater party and cookie exchange.

The party is an opportunity for each guest to flout their most shameful pieces of clothing for all to see and pick up some tasty goodies while they're at it. This will be the third time the North Bar has hosted an ugly sweater party. Traditionally, it and the cookie exchange were separate events, but scheduling made hosting them together a more convenient choice.

"We're combining the ugly sweater party with the cookie exchange this year," explained North Bar owner Sherry Mead. "There should be some good fun for everyone. We're going to have a DJ playing music, games and prizes."

The cookie exchange will include guests bringing in packages of six cookies each for everyone else in attendance. Each participant trades their six-cookie packages for each others'.

"We've had up to 30 people bring in cookies in past years," remarked Mead. "You make six cookies of the same kind for everyone, and then trade them. This way, everyone gets to leave with 30 different kinds of cookies."

The party will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 18, at the North Bar in Luther and will last until closing. Those who wish to participate need to call the North Bar at (231) 797-5318 to sign up. There is no entry fee beside bringing a plate or two of cookies to share.

"It's a chance to show off the ugly sweaters you have hiding in your closet or get creative and make your own," said Mead. "It's a fun time to see everyone from around town in their worst outfits while scarfing down some treats. It will be great."