U.S. Congressman Bill Huizenga visits Baldwin

BALDWIN—Bill Huizenga, U.S. Representative from Michigan’s 2nd congressional district, was in the area on professional business and made a stop in Baldwin.

Huizenga was quick to note the progress he is seeing in Lake County regarding education and mentioned relaying the success of the Baldwin Promise being featured on the Starbucks series, “Upstanders,” on the House Floor.

“Here we are in a town far from the closest Starbucks. The fact the company recognized what Baldwin is doing is so important,” Huizenga said. “For someone like me to talk about the Baldwin Promise on the Floor is special and exciting.”

He noted improvement county-wide in catering to the recreational dollar with expanding trails, cross country winter sports, biking, fishing and hunting.

“For people who like a rural lifestyle, where else can you go and afford 20 acres, your own house and have your own little kingdom? If we fix the over-all economy, it will have a spill over effect in Lake County,” he said. “One thing I see the business community doing up here is promoting the M-37 Corridor as a tourist route, like M-22, which follows the Lake Michigan coastline from Manistee to Grand Traverse counties,” he said.

Huizenga reflected on some of his highlights during his travels to Lake County.

“I have been coming up here 20 years professionally. One of my favorite stops is Jones’ Ice Cream. It is a unifier to both locals and vacationers. Everybody knows it and everyone comes,” he said. “I am also looking forward to the annual snowmobile stop at the Chase Creek Smokehouse. It is a good way to be in touch with the communities I represent and discourse with the people.

“Between the health clinic, the bank, and other local institutions and businesses here in Lake County, you have people who really care about community and are determined to make things better,” Huizenga said.