Two arrested in 2006 arson

BALDWIN - The millstone of justice may occasionally turn slowly, but it grinds exceedingly sure.

Law enforcement officials in Lake County took steps last week to bring closure to a case that has confounded investigators for six years.

On Sept. 12, 2006, an early morning fire in the Village of Baldwin offices destroyed a pile of paperwork thrown on an office desk, but luckily did little other damage to the structure.

The blaze began at 7 a.m. and was discovered by an employee arriving early to work.

The fire was quickly extinguished.

State Police investigators determined the fire was a case of arson and the site was treated as a crime scene for a number of days.

And then ... the investigation turned cold.

Little or no information was forthcoming, and the case was tucked away on a shelf.

Then, last week on Tuesday, county sheriff’s department officials received a tip that a woman already in custody on an unrelated charge was involved in the 2006 arson.

“We brought the woman, Chasity Bowling, in for a talk, and within a very short time she simply told us everything we wanted to know,” reported Lake County Sheriff Bob Hilts.

“She more or less explained what happened. She actually was very cooperative.”

During the interview, officials obtained enough information to have a warrant issued against a second suspect - Dale Dailey.

“Both women seem to have decided to set the fire in order to get rid of some financial records,” continued Hilts.

“They believed there was some mishandling of money by the village, and this was the only way they figured they could deal with things.

“They piled a stack of records on a desk and set it on fire.”

Following the two arrests, the case was passed on to the Lake County prosecutor’s office for consideration and action.

The two have been charged with arson, and Hilts noted there were other charges pending as well.

At this point, dates for future hearings have not be announced.