BALDWIN — During the village of Baldwin council meeting on Monday, Village President Jim Truxton gave an update on the contaminated well, saying it is still off-line and not operating until further testing can be completed.

Last week, Truxton announced to village residents that recent Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) test results showed 10 parts per trillion of man-made chemicals per- and polyfluoroarkyl (PFOA and PFOS) were found in one of four wells in the village's water supply.

"Ten parts of a trillium of a Teflon derivative is very small. Not to make light of it, but there are no known health risks at that level," Truxton said.

Truxton said the detected contaminants in the well in question could possibly be from plumbers tape or pipe dough (both materials containing Teflon) on the wellhead which was recently rehabbed.

"I personally drink and cook with the village water every day. I think bottled water is a waste of time," he said. "We will have the well tested this week, and will send the sample to a different lab to crosscheck the results. Being Teflon doesn't stick to anything, the contaminants could be difficult to filter out. It will be interesting to see if the contaminants were found in some place very specific and not in the groundwater itself.

Truxton said the village is taking every precaution to make sure the matter is properly taken care of.