Tricia Moore Quintet wows at Idlewild Music Fest despite rain

IDLEWILD — Although festivities were cut short on Saturday because of rain, attendees of the Idlewild Music Fest raved about the performances by talented musician they did enjoy.

The event kicked off with a gospel concert on Friday evening, which went off without a hitch. On Saturday, with clouds gathering overhead, more than 300 music lovers still sat in lawn chairs on Williams Island to hear the Tricia Moore Quintet.

Moore was praised by numerous attendees for her skillful violin playing.

“It’s a rare talent to be able to play as extraordinarily as she does,” said Angie Fordham, of Detroit. “I’ve never been to this event before, but they brought in some fantastic musicians.”

Also at the event were vendors offering food, drinks, t-shirts and numerous other items for purchase.

Although a light rain sporadically sprinkled throughout Moore’s performance, it was not enough to dampen the spirits of the crowd or Moore.

“I’m just going to step back from the mic and all this electrical equipment a bit as I play,” she laughed.

Barbara Morris, of Detroit, is a member of the Detroit Idlewilders Club and said the event was fabulous and worth the trip, even with the rain.

She noted the event usually has more people, but there were still quite a lot of people in attendance.

“People are still coming because this is a great show,” Morris said. “It’s a great environment with beautiful scenery by the lake and we’ve met so many nice people.”

But shortly after the performance by the Tricia Moore Quintet, the continuous bad weather forced the festivities to be cut short.

Despite this, Katena Abraham, the event’s chairperson, said the event was wonderful and received well by the community.

“Things were going well with organizational aspect on our part, the volunteers were great, the music was good, but unfortunately, we can’t help the weather,” Abraham said. “We got some good, positive feedback from people, so we’re happy with that.”